“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Vo Thi Huong

Vo Thi Huong

What is your usual work?

Basically, I’m in charge of communicating with our Japanese clients.
I communicate on a daily basis via email and TEL, Skype, so Japanese language skills are essential.
I am also involved in IT projects, translating documents and interpreting at meetings.
Working as a communicator requires not only IT knowledge and Japanese language skills, but also a combination of knowledge in various fields and Japanese language applications.

Why you decide to work at Dsoft?

At Dsoft, we have an environment that respects individuality and allows people to fulfill their potential.
There is a great sense of openness within the company, and I feel that everyone is able to work freely without any unnecessary hierarchical relationships.
It’s a great environment to work in, and that’s why I want to be a part of Dsoft forever.

What is the appeal of Dsoft?

The more I commit to results and contribute to the company, the more I receive recognition and compensation, which I think is one of the attractions of Dsoft. 🙂

What is your vision/challenge for the future? (in Dsoft)

I would like to improve my skills by taking on more challenging projects and interacting with a wide range of customers.

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