“Always want to create a good product in the world that can be used by a lot of users.”

Nguyen Quang Tri

Nguyen Quang Tri
Project Manager (Products)

What is your usual work?

I provide estimates and technical proposals for clients’ requests. It is also my job to set up project schedules and negotiate prices.
I’m looking at a wide range of projects, but in particular, I’m in charge of our own product – FACELOG.
I’m responsible for everything from development planning to the back end of the project, so it’s a big responsibility, but I find it rewarding.
My team is also in charge of accepting interns and training them (human resource development).

Why you decide to work at Dsoft?

I decided to work at D-Soft because the band of Manager has the vision and strategy is matching with my goal. I always want to create a good product in the world that can be used by a lot of users. I am sure that my goal will come true in the near future with the Managers’ help and support.

What is the appeal of Dsoft?

A fun working environment with enthusiasm from young members as well as experienced members. Dsoft is a comfortable, dynamic environment where we can devote ourselves to going further together.

What is your vision/challenge for the future? (in Dsoft)

The vision and challenges are to bring helpful products to the society. Where our products are helpful and easy to use for everyone.

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