Comprehensive guide to software development outsourcing
Comprehensive guide to software development outsourcing

Comprehensive guide to software development outsourcing

22/12/2020 News, Technology
Nowadays, companies have grown up and their needs have begun to become specific, supplies for specific positions moreover becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of the startup ecosystem, outsourcing has provided a way for founders and entrepreneurs to seek international leading technology talent. So what is development outsourcing? We’ll find out below!

what is outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing is a delegation of responsibility for software development processes to third parties. This allows companies to overcome their lack of expertise and internal resources, and at the same time enables business growth and digital transformation initiatives.

What are the Types of Outsourcing Software Development?

Based on the location of the software development company, It’s can be classified as the outsourcing process into:

  1. Local Outsourcing

It involves hiring a company in your city. While it does offer the advantage of being convenient to visit and meet the team, it can prove to be extremely expensive.

  1. Domestic outsourcing

When you hire software developers in your country, it is called local outsourcing. Its advantages include time zone and culture compatibility but it can also be an expensive option.

  1. Outsourcing overseas

Hire a development team located in a country near your home country to have the same time zone advantage. It can be relatively cheaper than the two above.

  1. Offshore Outsourcing

Select a company from one country that may be in some other continent and in another time zone but offers the advantage of substantial cost savings.

What are the benefits of outsourcing software development?

what is outsourcing

  1. Get the job done by the experts

There are growing numbers of shops in every region of the world, all specializing in different technologies and platforms. These companies employ certified, qualified, experienced developers from a very competitive environment and they can provide you with expertise on a particular project on your part, which may be missing.

  1. Keep your team focused on the things that matter

By outsourcing application development, your internal IT department can continue working with the main goals, allowing you to get more done by effectively expanding your team to take on additional tasks.

  1. Reduce costs

While cost is not always the most important factor in outsourcing decisions, it can certainly have a big impact. Outsource development cuts the overall project cost as you won’t have to train your team if the programming is beyond their expertise. Or, if you don’t have your own IT staff, you can find plenty of affordable deals to outsource IT teams, as long as you need them.

  1. New technology introduction

Applications run on many different operating systems and use many different programming languages. If there’s a huge market you want to reach across iOS platforms like the iPhone and iPad. Your team isn’t familiar with that technology, outsourcing is a great way to close the gap. New technology is released very often, so it’s hard to help your team catch up on things.

  1. Meet your deadline and budget

Contracting a developer increases accountability for setting deadlines and adhering to a predefined budget. Outsourced teams have processes that allow them to forecast resource needs and make adjustments as needed to keep projects on time.

Step-by-step Guide for Successful Outsourcing


To achieve all the great benefits of software development outsourcing, you must follow the right process. Here are the steps that will increase the probability of outsourcing success.

Step 1: Know Trends

You have to spend a little time knowing the most popular software development trends to ensure that you invest in cutting edge technology. Some of the popular trends today include:

– Cloud computing and cloud software development

– Artificial intelligence-based software development Advanced

– Web applications

– Mobile development

– Internet of Things

– Reality virtual and augmented reality, etc.

In addition to these trends, it would be a good idea to know what languages ​​and software development platforms are trending. Not only does it help you to choose a software development company with the right expertise, but the end product will be developed more competitively.

Step 2: Determine your needs

The second step is to know exactly what type of software you want to develop. Only then will you be able to invest in custom software development to ultimately create a unique, powerful, and quality product. Furthermore, identifying your needs will also allow you to create the best out of the outsourcing companies your way.

Step 3: Start with the Research

Final Research, start looking for companies that provide software development outsourcing services. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find out which companies are located in top outsourcing destinations, some of which are India, Ukraine, Latin America, China, and Belarus. The advantage of searching in these markets is your chance to find the best talent that can fit your budget.
  • Get help from search engines, review websites, and online ratings to come up with a curated list of some of the most popular companies. You can also pull recommendations from businesses in and out of your niche to prepare the list.
  • Checking out logins, portfolios, expertise, past references, and other possible aspects will help you see the reputation of each company.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact previous clients of these companies and learn from their experiences.

Step 4: Communicate to evaluate first impressions

As they say that first impressions are final, you can conclude a lot about a company and its software development outsourcing services right away from the first contact.

A well-developed outsourcing company will make the best recommendations on tools and technologies for your product development. Here, your own homework on endorsement trends will be helpful in the evaluation. Based on these reviews, you can finally choose a software development company.

Step 5: Set the right goals

Once you’ve chosen a software company, the next step is to make the right decision. For example, choose the most suitable outsourcing model and gain a mutual understanding of cost and development time. It would be great to record the whole thing so that later on it is possible to arrange any deviations from any of the two parties.

Step 6: Post-development support

A well-developed software outing company promises continuous post-development support of 6 months or more to help customers solve possible problems. From your side, you must keep in touch with the company to maintain a good relationship as it will be useful for your future software update or maintenance needs.

If you are looking for a one-word answer to your business challenges, then outsourcing is the word. Software development has proven to be a great success for many companies around the world. Reducing the internal costs while allowing your company to focus on its core competencies.