Facial Recognition for businesses in the Corona virus period
Facial Recognition for businesses in the Corona virus period

Facial Recognition for businesses in the Corona virus period

15/12/2020 News
Climate change, air pollution cause more and more erratic weather, reduced air quality, which can easily lead to the risk of catching and spreading many types of respiratory infections, flu … contribute to effective epidemic prevention, help uninterrupted work due to sick employees and sick leave, one of the measures that have been applied by many businesses is the timekeeping system.
If you are wondering whether this is the best solution for your business during the season, do not miss the information that will be shared shortly!
A special feature of the face time attendance system is that it is integrated with the camera system to capture the timekeeper’s face. The mechanism of operation of the machine is to reconcile the image of the face obtained from each timekeeping with the face image available in the database to determine whether the employee came to work or not and that employee arrived. when, about when, l measure the sitting time of employees.
Staff information, timekeeping are also saved to the device memory, then the human resources department can transfer these data to the computer for synthesis and processing by software, from which there are grounds. to calculate salaries and bonuses for laborers.

What is the advantage of the Facial Recognition System compared to other types of timekeeper?

Compared to the timekeeper with paper cards, magnetic cards, touch cards, the time attendance machine is much appreciated for:
  • Accuracy: Attendance of the face prevents time attendance.
  • Confidentiality: Attendance at the face prevents strangers from counterfeiting cards and pseudonyms to infiltrate the business, enhancing the security and safety of the work area, especially in enterprises and offices. The room requires high security.
  • Convenience: Face Attendance helps employees no longer worry about forgetting the card, the card is damaged (wrinkled, torn, faded, broken chip, magnetic stripe …).
Compared to another type of biometric timekeeper that is quite popular nowadays is the fingerprint scanning time attendance machine, the face recognition attendance machine has many outstanding advantages such as:
  • Flexible operation: Face timekeeping can be done easily, as long as you do not wear a mask, labor protection mask while fingerprint time attendance may not be possible if the fingerprint is blurred. , get wet, get dirt or grease …
  • Stable operation: Face Attendance does not require employees to touch the machine, helping the machine avoid many impacts while continuous fingerprinting of many people can cause the fingerprint scanner to be damaged. blurry, malfunctioning.
  • Modern processing chip: Face recognition is a more advanced method than fingerprint scanning so the timekeeper also has a more modern and powerful processor.
Because of the above advantages, it is not difficult to explain why facial recognition timekeepers are increasingly used widely in many offices and companies. However, what is the reason this device has become an effective preventable disease spread? Join us to find out the details in the next section!

Why is the Facial Recognition System is the best solution for businesses in the Coronavirus Period?

Many viral diseases are easily spread and break out into epidemics such as respiratory infections, flu, chickenpox … in addition to the ability to spread when direct contact with patients without protective measures and being shot secretions containing a virus that is coughed, sneezed, or transmitted by an infected person can also be transmitted even when you come in contact with an infected person’s objects or objects touched by an infected person.
Specifically, when the sick person coughs, sneezes, talks … the virus-containing secretions can be spread out, then cling to the surface of objects. Because many viruses can survive long hours in the environment, if healthy people contact their hands with objects contaminated with the virus, they will not wash their hands and then touch their mouth, nose, and eyes. The disease is quite high. This infection is also dangerous because it is habitual for people to put their hands on the face, sometimes quite unconsciously while not everyone can create a habit of washing their hands regularly.
Meanwhile, with the Facial Recognition System, the timekeeper will stand quite far away from the machine, absolutely do not have to touch the machine so it can avoid being infected by touching objects contaminated with viruses during the timekeeping. For this reason, time attendance by face recognition is one of the measures that many businesses trust and appreciate to help prevent many employees who are sick, have to take long days off work, and cause problems. affect the progress of work and business efficiency, the company’s production during the epidemic season of respiratory infections, flu, chickenpox …
Hopefully, the above information has helped you better understand why the timekeeper is the lifeline for many offices and companies during the epidemic season. In addition to using this device to protect employees more effectively against respiratory infections, flu, chickenpox … your business or organization can also apply some additional methods. french as:
Encourage employees to wash their hands in accordance with MOH guidelines and gargle with regular physiological saline
General hygiene at work.
Limit unnecessary gatherings.
Avoid sharing mobile phones, computer keyboards …