Biz Application Development

Biz Application Development

With more than 15 years know-how on not only in software development engineering but also our expertise in business analysis experiences in various domain, we can provide a full stack development for any kind of application in any platform. We applied both Waterfall or Agile process to suite the scale and timeline of business application.

  • Application Design and Development 01
  • Component Design and Implementation 02
  • Full Product Testing 03
  • Quick Prototype (POC Dev) 04
  • 05 Application Reverse Engineering
  • 06 Documentation
  • 07 Maintenance and Version-up Implementation
  • 08 Customization Services

Case Study

E-commerce Site Back-End Operation Application

This project is to maintain and develop new features for a long-run back-end application for E-commercial site. This back-end cover all main function for a business run such as Inventory Control, Purchasing Management, Payment Management, Shipping Management, Order, Item Master, CRM, Direct Mail,….

ClientJapanTechnologiesJava, Struts, Oracle
DomainServiceScope90 man-month (7 man x 12 months)

Agriculture Information Website Migration

This site is an member only, provide all necessaries information from pesticide to seeds specification, etc.. for Japanese peasant or corporate in agriculture business. We have mitigate legacy system to new platform, including new front-end with responsive implement, new DB and new cloud platform.

ClientJapanTechnologiesBootstrap, .NET C#, Oracle
DomainServiceScope114 man-month (7 man x 24 months)

Online Ticket Purchasing System

We develop a front end application that allow consumers can purchase online all entrance ticket for all theme parks and cable cares of Vietnamese biggest entertainment group. The total integrated venues is around 10 all around the country and run in all-platform included Web Application, native app for iOS, Android. It connect with all payment gateways such as PayPal, NAVIPASS, MomoPay , etc..

ClientVietnamTechnologiesAngularJS, Android Java, Swift, PHP, PostgreSQL
DomainEntertaimentScope30 man-month (5 man x 6 months)

E-Signature for Government Office

Entrusted by a public health-related administrative agency in California, USA. It is a system that digitizes various applications such as insurance applications online.

ClientUSTechnologiesBootstrap, Laravel, MySQL
DomainE-GovernmentScope15 man-month (5 man x 3 months)

Video Streaming System

We maintenance and develop new features of a Netflix or Youtube alike video streaming system for a Japanese customer. Our work to build streaming app, video player app, DRM authenticate server and customize stream core server.

ClientJapanTechnologiesAngularJS, Android Java, Swift, PHP, PostgreSQL
DomainEntertainmentScope72 man-month (4 man x 18 months)

Thermal Mapping for Building Chiller Control System

We built from scratch a Thermal Mapping System for Building Chiller Control System. This system allows controller to real-time checking the effectiveness of chiller by showing a map of thermal signal of person in the building busing thermo-sensors so the Ventilation Control can automatically adjust its temp and wind-direction.

ClientJapanTechnologiesC, C#, .NET, PostgreSQL
DomainAutomationScope36 man-month (2 man x 18 months)

Our Technologies

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