What is the solution for face recognition?
What is the solution for face recognition?

What is the solution for face recognition?

15/12/2020 News
Facial recognition technology is a technology widely used in advanced countries. This technology is capable of identifying or validating a person from a digital image that has previously been sampled.
Facial recognition technology is the biometric technology with the least impact on users and the fastest biometric technology.
Managers can be more proactive in controlling, the system will recognize faces secretly by taking photos of the faces of those who enter an area identified by surveillance cameras.
This technology, requires no interaction (of people wanting to enter the area) and there is no delay. In many cases the subject is completely unaware of the process. They do not feel “monitored” or that their privacy is violated.

How it works

The process by which facial recognition biometrics works:
  • Sampling: By surveillance cameras or a device with the same function.
  • Analysis: The data (mentioned above) will be extracted from images, samples.
  • Comparison: The newly obtained data will be compared with the data in the database.
  • Result: The system will then decide whether the comparison result is appropriate or not.
When the subject falls into the camera’s scanning range, the system automatically determines the position of the face and implements algorithms to extract the data on the face.
In the process of moving, the object will help the system easier to identify faces. All of the above processes take less than 2 seconds.

Featured characteristics

  • Face recognition technology has many advantages that other authentication methods do not
  • One of the positive aspects of face recognition is that the system doesn’t need user interaction,
  • Does not require the user to wait for a long time or do anything other than look at the camera.
  • Enhance the level of security in the security system through the camera.
  • Create a database with “White – Trusted” list and “Black – Blacklist” list
  • Ready to connect with the access control system – Access Control. Notify cases of unauthorized intrusion.
  • Control the timekeeping; register and manage visitors in and out of the area (buildings, resorts, …)
  • Create groups with access permissions or access restrictions.
  • Allows searching by report templates by: Time/Camera/Group/Name

Place of installation suitable

  • The face recognition system via IP camera is suitable for the following locations:
  • Airports (terminals, customs control areas), seaports
  • ATMs or transaction offices
  • Stadium, subway station
  • High building
  • Public place
  • Financial institutions, banks
  • Government agencies, offices.
  • Office – Office
  • Educational institutions (attendance of students)