The application of facial recognition technology in business
The application of facial recognition technology in business

The application of facial recognition technology in business

20/12/2020 News

Now with facial recognition technology, businesses can better understand customers, from security protection, gender and age identification, VIP customer identification to content personalization advertisement.

When customers become the masters in the relationship between them and the business, it is difficult for the business in front of the article to understand customers in order to provide a better experience for them. All were very difficult until the application of facial recognition technology.
Here are some ways that facial recognition technology can help future retail stores succeed.

Count the flow of people in and out

A question that many managers always ask is how to measure the flow of people in and out, how to eliminate the number of employees from the data of people counting to ensure the accuracy of the data. . Facial recognition technology can solve this problem. With this technology, managers can fully grasp the flow of customers in the store and measure real business performance.

Gender and age analysis

As customers ‘behavior becomes more complex, managers need to really understand their customers’ insignt. In order to do this, it is important to identify the gender of the age. It is fundamental data to identify the target customers of the business. Since then managers have the basis to build business strategies, marketing messages and optimize advertising campaigns to suit the target customers. After collecting, the data will be integrated with POS systems to find the correlation between customers, products and business performance of each customer set. From there, managers can make decisions to adjust the price strategy, product strategy (selecting additional products, alternative products as appropriate), strengthening selling links.

Identify and manage member customers

The situation that many businesses are facing today is that member customers are gradually leaving businesses without clear reasons. So how do businesses prevent this situation?

Facial recognition technology can identify customers, whether they are entering the store or not. Immediately after identification, the system will notify the salesperson directly. It is important that the data will be integrated with the POS system to evaluate the performance of each customer group. As the conversion rate of member customer groups decreases, this shows that businesses are having problems in customer care plans and need to change.

Identify suspicious object using face recognition technology

Currently crime in the field of commerce is becoming increasingly aggressive, the press constantly bringing about the situation of robbery and theft in the store. Even crime prevention experts must recognize that identifying and stopping retail crime is very difficult.

Fortunately, face recognition technology can help retailers proactively prevent risks from suspicious people. The system is stored information of suspicious objects, identifies and notifies when the object appears in retail stores.

Personalize screen advertise content

Led screen advertising is one of the ways to spend a lot of marketing budget. However, there is no guarantee that the ads will be delivered to the right audience and effectively, retailers are accidentally splashing money without measuring the effectiveness.

Currently, with face recognition technology, traditional advertising screens will be gradually replaced by proactive ads that display content consistent with the insight of each customer. In other words, personalize screen ad content.

Accordingly, each advertising screen will be equipped with a facial recognition camera to distinguish the gender & age of the object of access and push information about the system. After receiving, the system will change the content of the advertising screen accordingly. Face recognition is becoming a trend of the commercial market, helping businesses to build a management system that is sensitive and creative. . First of all is security; The next is to bring superior experiences on the basis of right understanding and deep understanding of customers.