“At D-Soft always challenging in new projects to customers in all over the world.”

Nguyen Dang Tai Hoa

Nguyen Dang Tai Hoa 
Senior Engineer/Team Leader

What is your usual work?

I do coding work. I am often in charge of both our own products and outsourced projects from clients.
Also, as a Team Leader, I’m committed to multiple projects, not just one, and I’m responsible for dividing tasks among team members.

Why you decide to work at Dsoft?

I have been working at another company for a long time, and one day I realized that I needed to change the environment, to have new challenges in order to be more mature in my career path. The working environment as well as the job at D-soft gives me what I need to improve my working skills and the soft skills in life that I am looking for.

What is the appeal of Dsoft?

D-soft is a challenging environment. The way of working of employees is a dynamic in youth. Always challenging in new projects to customers in all over the world. I have stress and pressure also exist but when I finally one project finished, I sense of accomplishment, and feel a smile. D-soft gives me new experiences in my career path.

What is your vision/challenge for the future? (in Dsoft)

My most recent goal is to perfect my management skills and become a good team leader. Furthermore, in the future, I would like to perfect my skills, vision and understanding to become a project manager as well. To expand my challenges, I’m currently working on improving my English language skills.